Enjoy Omega Ruby in a fresh new way in Vandy Version DELUXE!

Welcome to Vandy Version Deluxe!

Vandy Version Deluxe is an expanded version of our 2021 hack, Vandy Version. On top of the content of Vandy Version, Deluxe features 100 extra custom forms and 25 more custom shinies, along with 3 new Mega Evolutions!


Vandy Version Deluxe has a randomizer which randomizes all wild Pokémon, trainer Pokémon, movesets, abilities, held items and more. Maybe you'll find some Legendary Pokémon along the way!

Custom forms

The custom forms in this game allow a fresher experience of Omega Ruby, adding new potential to beloved Pokémon, such as the starter trio you get offered at the start - Fighting-type Sneasel, Flying-type Yamask and Rock-type Golett. Who knows what potential these Pokémon could unlock later in the game?

Custom Shinies

For those who enjoy the thrill of Shiny Pokémon hunting, you're in luck! Vandy Version Deluxe has 1/50 shiny odds (2%) and 275 brand new custom shiny Pokémon for you to hunt. Enjoy the search, and feel free to post your finds in the Discord server!

Challenging rival and gym fights!

Battles against trainers such as rivals, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members and more have been set to give a challenge and a custom feel to the game. They have movesets that they wouldn't usually get which adds massive unpredictability!

Pokémon Vandy Version Deluxe is available now!

If all that sounds good, make sure to download Vandy Version Deluxe from the EXR Discord! Happy playing!