This is Pokémon Shattered Ruby.

wELCOME TO Hoenn... in the future!

Pokemon Shattered Ruby takes place in a Hoenn, set an indeterminate amount of time in the future. The heroes that saved the world from Kyogre's Reign are thriving, and the New Generation are starting their adventures!

A new difficulty!

The New Pokemon League has made Hoenn one of the most well trained regions in the world! The Gym Leaders to the Ace Trainers are all much stronger, and you'll have trouble getting past them!


Brand New, and Dangerous, Glitch Forms! A mysterious force has been warping the minds and bodies of the Pokemon of the world... And you have to get to the bottom of it!


The same force that is warping the types of the Pokemon, is also changing the colours of other Pokemon's shiny colouring! Watch as your old favourites get a new coat of paint!


Both Team Magma and Team Aqua are at peace, and have been helping the Hoenn region with their issues on land and at sea. However, something has gone awry, and Team Magma seem to have gone rogue...

And even more...

With New Megas, a New Story, New Character Designs, Custom Characters, and even more than that in Pokemon Shattered Ruby!