An Extreme experience... without the trimmings.

Welcome to Pokémon Extreme Lite!

Extreme Lite is a project that's been in our files for a while. It was originally planned to be played by TyranitarTube in 2020 as "Omega Ruby Extreme Mini", but he recently gave us permission to release it to the public. It features increased difficulty, a randomizer, and some special forms!


As with the other Extreme Randomizers, Extreme Lite is a randomized game. This means that any Pokémon you encounter, any Trainers you fight (etc, etc) will be random.

Special forms

The special forms in this game are to be kept secret for the time being, but let us know in our Discord which you manage to find!

Extreme Difficulty

The game features a difficulty curve that is similar to the original Alpha Sapphire Extreme Randomizer. We hope you have fun losing over and over!

POkémon Extreme Lite is out now!

If all that sounds good, make sure to download Pokémon Extreme Lite from the EXR Discord! Happy playing!